How We Built Cheap DIY Seismic Isolation Platforms

Since moving to our new studio on the first floor of an old Edwardian house, we've really been struggling with footfall seriously disrupting turntables. This is a bit of a problem since we specialise in this area of hifi. The floorboards in our room are old and even normal steps around the room can affect our turntables. First we tried a much heavier hifi stand and a metal framed turntable stand with spikes. Both improved matters over what we were previously using but didn't solve the problem.

We then tried paving slabs for less than £5 each from a well known DIY store between the racks and the floor. This again improved matters but did not cure the problem. We noticed that the footfall could actually slightly move the whole paving slab.

At this point we considered giving up and buying proper isolation platforms from the usual hifi brands but we read elsewhere that some people have had success putting a squash ball under each corner of the concrete. This caused a transformation. We could walk around the room without wanting to cry because the stylus was skidding! Tools required zero, build time zero. Only time spent was ordering the products and popping them under the hifi stands. The only other thing we plan is some kind of sealer coating on the paving slabs as they are a bit crumbly and dusty which is not ideal but easily rectified. This is a cheap fix and there may be better solutions out there but for the money, we found the concrete paving slabs and squash balls to be fantastic.

Do be sensible, paving slabs are heavy and can trap fingers! Concrete dust is grim stuff and is not good for your health. This is a blog telling you about our experience not advice or instructions.

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