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Furutech GT40 Alpha USB DAC, Phono Stage, Headphone Amplifier

Regular price £274.99
Furutech GT40 Alpha USB DAC/ Headphone Amplifier/ MM MC Phono stage. Super little box! It features a 24bit 96KHz USB DAC and a switchable analogue RCA phono input that can be either line level/moving magnet phono level or moving coil phono level. There is an RCA phono output on the back and headphones output on the front. A vey useful little box that we have enjoyed using as part of our hifi system when turntable testing. It's original boxed and in good condition. There are some tiny marks on the top and sides of the unit but it's hard to see them unless you look for them. This is the original version, NOT the A version of this product. An instruction manual is included and a UK mains adaptor. We can ship worldwide.

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