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Garrard 401 Turntable Fully Rebuilt by the Classic Turntable Company

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Here we have stunning example of a classic Garrard 401 turntable. This example has just returned from full restoratation at the Classic Turntable Company. Ray at CTC is well established as one of the leading Garrard restorers and has transformed this turntable. It's a stunning example now in full and perfect working order. We can ship this turntable worldwide and will do so with care. We are experienced classic hifi dealers.

Below is a list of what CTC have done.

Strip and remove all parts

Clean polish Chassis

Shot Blast Chassis

Powder Coat Chassis

Acid remove Cadmium off linkage and replate with zinc pasivated gold

Replace rubber grommets

Strip Spindle Check wear and replace bushes is needed

Ultrasonic clean spindle re oil and rebuild

Strip motor – Re place oil felts and re oil & assemble

Replace Suppressor

Replace any broken / cracked plastic components

Check idler wheel bushes and replace if needed

Re condition idler wheel or replace if badly worn

Use new / replated screws for assemly

Fit new motor springs

Replace motor spring dampers

Polish eddy brake disc

Fit new Idler wheel springs

Refit newly plated linkage / grease/ reset

Replace motor clamp if missing

Adjust motor pulley size to get speed central on speed control

Fit a new mains cable with soldered ends and insulate sleeves

Re cut platter strobe

New   Turntable Mat
Return in a purposemade double skinned Garrard box

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