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Garrard 401 Turntable Fully Serviced by Audio Grail

Regular price £1,024.99
Here we have a gorgeous Garrard 401 turntable that has just been freshly serviced by the Garrard experts at Audio Grail. This is the turntable only, no tonearm or plinth is included. The turntable has been treated to the full service but has kept its original finish. It holds good speed and has excellent torque. Although the finish is original, it has benefited from a clean and polish at Audio Grail. It looks beautiful but it is not perfect as there is the odd mark here and there including a very subtle dustbug mark. The platter is totally original and has just had a light clean. When serviced it was confirmed that the deck has never been abused and was already in good conditon prior to its full service. What we have here is a lovely fully serviced example of a 401 that has also preserved its originality. Needless to say the turntable sounds glorious and is ready for action. It comes with the mounting bolts not shown in the pictures and ships in the Audio Grail shipping box. We can ship the turntable worldwide.
Note here's what the full service comprised of...
Strip down of the unit - every nut and bolt. Motor strip down (Complete with plates taped and screwed), spindle housing strip down new felt reservoirs, new grommets, machine polishing of speed disk, spindle, motor rotor. New spark suppressors (If an early version 401 and required) New springs where required. All bushes measured, idler re dressed. Ultrasonic clean of all screws and linkages, complete lubrication, three step wax polishing of chassis.

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