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Michell Reference Electronic Transcription Turntable with SME 3009 Series II Improved Tonearm

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This is a Michell Reference Electronic Transcription Turntable With SME 3009 Series II Improved Tonearm. We're trying something a bit new for our buyers this week. We've uploaded a video of the turntable operating and playing a record to show it set up and working. The audio quality is not great but it gives you an idea of what the turntable is like.

Being the electronic version of the deck, this example has 33 or 45 selectable by turning the on off switch in different directions. Fine tuning the speed is easy with the two knobs near the strobe.

The SME 3009 Series II Improved is a good match for the deck and completes the period charm. The tonearm but not the deck comes with the original box. Both come with original manuals. No cartridge is included but one is fitted in the video for testing the item.

The turntable and arm are in good condition. Some of the chrome is a little dull. The lid is in good condition with the only obvious scratch being one right in the centre of the lid. There will also be much more minor marks as you would expect with an old turntable lid. The platter is generally in good shape. There is one nick on the outer rim of the platter, it does not affect playback in any way. The platter would benefit from a good polish but we haven't gone mad with this as there is a danger of taking the gold plating off which is very thin on these decks. The platter pads are worn on this deck. We will include a complete original new set for you to fit. They tend to fall off in transit you see...

The SME 3009 Series II improved is in good condition. It works perfectly and looks good as well. The original box with manuals and templates is present. These are a bit dirty though it has to be said..

Overall it's a super turntable that you can use straight away without the need for restoration. If you wanted to you could do up the shiny bits to make it look even more stunning.

The main bearing will be drained for transit. It is suggested you refill with sewing machine oil.

We can ship worldwide. Please just ask for a quote.




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