Onkyo C-7030 CD Player £289 NEW, JUST £129.99 HERE USED

Regular price £129.99
Onkyo C-7030 CD player. Excellent quality CD player in good cosmetic condition and full working order. The CD player is finished in black and comes with a new remote control.
Onkyo Say
Stunning fidelity from a stylish and affordable CD player. By combining high-quality components and decades of Onkyo audio technical knowledge, the C-7030 CD player delivers a superb playback experience. The key lies in keeping the audio signal clean and free from interference, all the way to the output stage.

To achieve this, we employ a new high-precision clock to dramatically reduce timing errors, along with our original VLSC to reduce pulse noise.

Driving the system is a massive, custom-built transformer that provides a clean and stable power supply. Given how affordable the C-7030 is, build quality is exceptional. A 1.6 mm-thick flat chassis base helps reduce unwanted vibrations, while the sleek aluminum front panel provides an elegant finish.

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