Chorlton Analogue

Quad II Power Amplifiers and Quad 22 Pre Amplifier

Regular price £1,349.99
Lovely pair of Quad II power amplifiers complete with the matching Quad 22 power amplifier. These have just returned from service/inspection. All components on the Quad II amplifiers were found to be within tolerance and the Quad 22 just needed the usual mains switch supressor changing. They were last previously serviced in 1983 at the Quad service department, Huntingdon according to stickers inside the units. The set is in good working order and sounds absolutely wonderful. Cosmetic condition is also good.
Do bear in mind this is a set of vintage hifi running hot, high voltage valves! It was not built to modern safety standards and you need to bear this in mind and operate with sympathy and caution. The Quad 22 powers both the power amplifiers. However, you will need to make up a suitable mains cable to power the Quad 22. We have included an original 2 pin bulgin plug so that you can easily make up a cable suitable for your local mains electricity supply.
We can ship these amplifiers worldwide and have experience of shipping all types of hifi around the globe. Please just ask for a shipping quote if the price is not listed.

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