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SME 3012 Series II Armtube Arm Tube Arm Wand

Regular price £274.99
SME 3012 series II armtube. This listing is for an SME 3012 series II armtube made by an enthusiast in Thailand and an original series II stub. We built the whole thing out in to a complete arm as a fun project and to test that the armtube actually worked properly! It does. This armtube will allow you to convert your SME 3009 Series II to a 3012. It will not work with improved arms. This listing is only for the armtube and stub. The finish of the armtube is very nice and polishes to a good shine, the arm tracked very nicely when we tested the armtube out and fit out was pretty straight forward. I would estimate that the armtube is slightly heavier than an original if anything.

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