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Technics SL-150 Turntable with SME 3009 Series II Improved Tonearm

Regular price $646.00
Technics SL-150 direct drive turntable in full working order with SME 3009 Series II improved tonearm. It is in full working order, you just need to add a cartridge. The turntable is in good cosmetic condition. There are a couple of marks on the sides of it and the usual "polishing marks" on top of the lid from use.The tonearm is in full working order. There seems to be slight modification with a collar for easily adjusting the height of the arm and some marks to the SME badge on the arm but it's in full working order. The headshell is not an original SME one but fits well with the look of the Technics. It's a detachable headshell so you can easily replace it if you wish. We can ship this lovely turntable worldwide.

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