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Garrard 401 Early Flush Strobe Twin Spark Turntable Original Boxed

Regular price £999.99
Here we have something a bit special. An early twin spark suppressor, flush strobe Garrard 401 turntable. Original box and very obviously very lightly used. It looks like someone has set it up as it doesn't have tags or seals that a new one would have, used it briefly and put it away in to storage in its box for years. It's the cleanest and best condition paintwork one we've ever seen. We found just one mark to paintwork on the back side corner which we have tried to show in one of the photographs. It's just a light surface scratch. If you are looking for a very fresh but original, early example 401, here it is. We've installed the turntable and given it a play test. It holds good speed and operates as it should. Given the age however, the new owner may well want to invest in a service for peace of mind. In view of the condition we are asking a little more for it than most 401 turntables we sell but still way less than one would pay for a "NOS" unit which would lose all the extra value as soon as you started to use it! The unit did not come in with a manual but we will supply an original from our collection for your convenience.

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