Chorlton Analogue

Quad ESL63 Electrostatic Speakers

Regular price £599.99
Here we have a pair of Quad Electrostatic ESL-63 speakers. Previously they had not been used for some time as their previous owner had passed away, having owned them for a very long time. We've powered them up and play tested them. To our delight they sound great! Both speakers have good output and match each other in volume, the odd pop as they are powered on and charge up is heard but they settle in to being silent (this is expected behaviour as we understand it) and produce wonderful music. The cosmetics are also good. There's a few tiny holes in the grill covers but they are generally good, a few marks to the rosewood top edges but the tops themselves and nice and the bases are in good condition (see photos). Currently missing the plastic feet. We may have some in a box somewhere or can fit some felt ones. They are not required on carpets but would be a good idea on hard floors to avoid scratching.

Collection in person preferred. They will fit in an estate car or large hatchback I should think.

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