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Quad II Valve Amplifiers with Quad 22 and AM II Tuner

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Lovely Quad II Amplifier set. The collection comprises of 2x Quad II amplifiers, 1x Quad 22 Pre Amplifier and 1x Quad AM II tuner. The first Quad II is a very early example with a black case badge, the 2nd is a later example. It is common to find this as often original owners started with a mono setup and upgraded to stereo later. The Quad II amplifiers are both very clean and are understood to have previously lived in a radiogram cabinet. They have original GEC and Mullard valves. The Quad 22 is also in nice shape and comes with the Tape and Pickup adaptors on the back. The AM II, less commonly found also has surprsingly nice original paintwork. An original 2 pin Bulgin plug is provided for you to make up your own suitable mains lead.

The units have been play tested and sound stunning. They have not been serviced and you might consider doing this before pressing them in to regular use. We haven't powered on the AMII but will try and do so shortly and will report back. Remember this is vintage audio equipment, built around 70 years ago!

We can ship worldwide and will do so with great care. We have exported many sets of Quad II in the past all over the world. Please contact us for a personal quote. Any shipping price shown should be treated as a guide only unless we have confirmed it with you by message. If an incorrect shipping price is paid we will simply cancel the transaction as try to liase with you to set it up again with the correct shipping price.

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