Chorlton Analogue

SME 3009 Series II Early Single Piece Counterweight Tonearm EXCELLENT

Regular price £649.99
Here we have a very nice example of an SME 3009 Series II early tonearm. It has the single piece 90g counterweight and has a horizontal input screening can which can be useful when fitting this arm in to shallower plinths. The cosmetics of the arm are very nice. It's lovely, clean and shiny! Physically the arm is in full working order. It tracks well, sounds great and the dashpot cueing arm mechanism is nice and smooth. The arm comes with a fingerlift for the headshell and an original arm cable that has been fitted with modern gold plated RCA phono plugs and earth tag. This is a really nice example of the classic SME 3009 series II, in full working order, ready to be enjoyed.

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