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Transcriptor Hydraulic Reference Turntable

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Transcriptor Hydraulic Reference turntable. This is a David Gammon Transcriptors turntable rather than a JA Michell version. It's previously had a Mission 774 arm fitted to it and the riser for this remains on the armboard. Aftermarket white pads have been applied to the pillars that hold the record. You could remove these and fit new originals if you wish. They are just lightly stuck on. The original lid and hinges are present but the long rod that should go through the hinges to allow the lid to pivot securely is missing. It would not be hard to find or adapt a suitable rod to insert in its place. Bluetak has been applied to pad out the area under the armboard and the earth wiring has been modified. This is probably because the original earth wiring is very flimsy. A final quirk that I haven't seen before is that you need to push down when you turn the on off switch to activate the reed switch. I haven't seen this type of on/off switch knob fitted to these before.

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